The Logo


The life cycle of the lotus is unlike any other plant. Every night, with its roots latched in the mud below, it submerges itself into the murky river water, only to rise and break the surface to reveal a magnificent flower the next morning. Using its impurities as nourishment to grow, it rebirths itself every day.

Believed to have survived the Ice Age when many plants went extinct, lotus seeds can withstand thousands of years without water and germinate over two centuries later. The refusal of the lotus to accept defeat is extraordinary. Because of this, it is a symbol of faith and endurance.


The labyrinth represents the journey of death and rebirth—braving the entrance into the mysterious darkness of the underworld, enduring the daunting journey to its core, and re-emerging into the light, transformed. It has been used for thousands of years by different cultures and religions as a meditation and prayer tool to quiet the mind and awaken the knowledge encoded within us. It can guide us to healing, creative discovery, and a deepening in our self-knowledge and connection with our community.