The Black People's Community Justice Center

We can't provide support to clients without your support. Become a donor today. Each dollar goes towards continued advocacy and liberation for Black people impacted by the criminal justice system in Charlotte. 

The Black People's Community Justice Center (TBPCJC) was formed in response to the inequity and racial bias of the court and jail system that has caused devastating and unrelenting damage to Black people, families, and communities. The cornerstones of TBPCJC are:


The client directs all actions made on their behalf—not the family, not the attorney, not TBPCJC team members.

Black Liberation

We believe in equal rights, status, treatment, and social and economic opportunities for Black people.


 We support a political vision of ending imprisonment, policing, and surveillance and forging stable and sustainable alternatives to the current punitive and dehumanizing system. When community interventions are increased, the need for prisons and jails becomes obsolete. 


We actively work to provide Black people access to wealth, resources, livelihood, quality of life. We also work to combat violence against Black people in all its forms.