A Person-Centered, Pro-Black, Abolitionist Organization
Committed to Black Liberation

And Liberty And Justice For All

The Black People's Community Justice Center (TBPCJC) was formed in response to the inequity and racial bias of the court and jail system that has caused devastating and unrelenting damage to Black people, families, and communities. The cornerstones of TBPCJC are:


adj. 1 AttentioThe Black People's Community Justice Center is completely funded by the generous gifts of others. To join our community of supporters: ● Venmo: @communityjustice ● Cashapp: $communityjusticeCLT ● For tax-exempt donations over $500, please contact us n and priority given to what the person determines they need and want for themselves. 2 The client directs all actions made on their behalf—not the family, not the attorney, not TBPCJC team members.


adj. 1 Value, support, uplift and center Black people always. 2 Actively work to provide Black people access to wealth, resources, livelihood, quality of life. 3 Combat violence against Black people in all its forms.


adj. 1 Political vision of ending imprisonment, policing, and surveillance and forging stable and sustainable alternatives to the current punitive and dehumanizing system. 2 Resolved to dismantle a system that prospers from oppression and is invested in maintaining inequalities through violence and fear-based control of people.

Black Liberation

n. 1 Equal rights, status, treatment, and social and economic opportunities for Black people.
2 The act of identifying and breaking down the innumerable obstacles constructed that make it difficult for Black people to thrive and prosper.

Who We Serve

Making your way through the court system is NOT a clear and straightforward path. It is instead a confusing, intimidating, frightening, inequitable entanglement of burdensome processes that are racially biased.

Our supportive services and training workshops have been developed with both the knowledge and the compassion required to assist those who are currently navigating the Mecklenburg County court and jail systems. Our clients include Black people with active criminal cases and those currently incarcerated in Mecklenburg County jail, as well as their families.

What We Do