What We Do:

Making your way through the court system is NOT a clear and straightforward path. It is instead a confusing, intimidating, frightening, inequitable entanglement of burdensome processes that are racially biased.

Our supportive services and training workshops have been developed with both the knowledge and the compassion required to assist those who are currently navigating the Mecklenburg County court and jail systems. 

Our goal is low-barrier access to assist you with acquiring the support services you need from people who look like YOU—other Black people. All services offered are community-funded and free to Black people in our community, with top priority given to serving Black trans and queer people. We are charge agnostic, meaning the reasons for a person's arrest do not affect eligibility for services. We put a premium on lived experience with our staffing and anyone providing their services to our clients.

Eligibility requires two things:
● You must be Black
● You must have an active case in the Mecklenburg County jail system

Other program opportunities are listed below:

Court Support

● Attend court dates
● Liaison with attorneys
● Assist with transportation to court and attorney’s office
● Stand up as advocate in court
● Organize public support during trial, bond hearings, probation violation hearings, etc.

Bail Support

● Raise funds for cash bail and bail bonds
● Black-owned abolitionist-minded bail bonds companies
● Assist clients with finding the best bail bonds for their unique circumstances
● Raise relief funds

Jail Support

● Raise commissary funds
● Make regular visits
● Listen to client’s needs and respond with action
● Assist with transportation for visitation by family members
● Provide immediate need items upon release (food, drinks, cigarettes, warm clothing, etc.) 

Re-entry Support

● Connection to partnering organization, Freedom Fighting Missionaries, Inc., to help provide essential assistance
Freedom Fighting Missionaries, Inc. gives assistance in accessing healthcare, housing, employment, transportation, social services, etc.

Community Training & Workshops

● Court Support Training
● White Privilege & How it Affects Court and Jail System 
● Understanding Bail and Bond

Support Groups

● For family members of people with current cases in Mecklenburg County
● For returning community members